Tayitu Cultural and Educational Center (TCEC) is a non-profit organization with a 501©3 status that is registered and operates in Washington D.C since August 2000.  Tayitu Cultural and Educational Center is established with the ultimate purpose to meet the cultural, social and artistic needs of the Ethiopian Community in North America and introduce this ancient culture to the World community. TEC’s vision is therefore to see the Ethiopian community in Diaspora, which is expected to be upward 300,000 in the Washington Metro area, revitalize itself with a dynamic and positively tuned cultural center serving as its hub. The dreams of the management is nothing less than running successful programs like Jewish Cultural Centers, Irish Cultural Centers, Indian Cultural Centers and others which operate across the nation. 
 In the past sixteen years, TCEC held over 198 monthly poetry night and five annual “African Poetry Night” events, produced 298 shows as well as 52 plays, which includes international theatres such as Macbeth, Hamlet, General Inspector, etc. It also took show on the road in the US, Canada and Europe over 218 times, sponsored and hosted 68 renowned artists from different parts of the world, organized 16 annual workshops on poetry, acting, directing film production and creative writing, coordinated three annual “world of Montgomery” festivals and opened the first Ethiopian library in Washington D.C.
The Tutoring and Mentoring Program in Tayitu provides tutoring in the English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies to students in middle school (grades 6-8). Tutoring services for high school (grades 9 – 12) students included calculus, pre-calculus, physics, biology, chemistry and, based on availability, Spanish and French. During the period 2014  academic years students that benefited from the program including 98 from elementary school, 104 from middle school, and 44 from high school.
            Tayitu celebrates its 16 year of success with expanded service (1) creating the opportunity the forum to introduce Ethiopian art, culture, and traditional folklores to the non-Ethiopian community and tourists (2) created the opportunity for international poets and performers, from Africa, Asia, North America and elsewhere by creating the African and International poetry night to present their creative works in different languages, (3) becoming a resource center for many who need to learn about the Ethiopian culture and society, and (4) serving its youth empowerment programs though tutoring and educational services to all citizens in the area irrespective of race, color, religion, or ethnic group.
            Led by its accomplished and savvy executive director, Artist Alemstehay Wodajo and governed by a 7-member board of Directors, the Center is poised to execute its strategic plan to galvanize needed resources to open its own Cultural and Educational Center while streamlining its operations to fit the growing needs for its services from both the Ethiopian and the international community. By developing its networking with its diverse clienteles and drawing the support of the different non-governmental institutions, such as faith-based organizations, public institutions and governments including the county, State and Federal governments, the Center is bracing to meet its growing challenges.

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